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The Family Indemnity plan (F.I.P) protects your loved ones. Whenever there’s a death in the family, the Family Indemnity Plan (F.I.P) helps to cover the expenses, so you and your loved ones have less to worry about. A maximum of six (6) family members can be insured for as little as  $422.40 permonth.

Types of Plans, Monthly Premium & Individual Benefits

  • Plan A  $422.40 for $80,000 coverage
  • Plan B  $633.60 for $120,000 coverage
  • Plan C  $792.00 for $150,000 coverage
  • Plan D  $1,320.00 for $250,000 coverage
  • Plan E  $2,112.00 for $400,000 coverage
  • Plan F  $3,432.00 for $650,000 coverage
  • Plan G  $5,280.00 for $1,000,000 coverage

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On August 1, 2012, Churches Co-operative Credit Union and GSB Co-operative Credit Union merged to form the new entity First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Limited (FHC). This decision culminated the process of discussions that began in October 2010 when the idea of the amalgamation of the two Credit Unions was born.


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