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Branch Managers

Mrs. Melissa Miller-Benjamin

Senior Branch Manager
Eureka/Ripon Branch

8-10 Eureka Road, Kingston 5,
(Cnr. Ripon & Eureka Rds.)
Tel: 876-929-5142   Fax: 876-926-2683
Lawrence Tavern Branch
Lawrence Tavern, Lawrence Tavern P.O.
Tel: 876-942-8684   Fax: 876-942-8667
email: melissa.miller@fhccu.com

Mrs. Racquel Walker

Branch Manager
New Kingston Branch

20 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5
Tel: 876-906-5595/9684555   Fax: 876-968-0012
email: racquel.walker@fhccu.com

Ms. Trudian Stewart

Branch Manager
Kingston Gardens Branch

10 East Avenue, Kingston 4
Tel: 876-929-5142   Fax: 876-922-0879
email: trudian.stewart@fhccu.com

Ms. Tania Oglesby

Branch Manager
Portmore Branch

Lot 57 West Trade Way,
Portmore Town Centre
Tel: 876-988-0753/0781   Fax: 876-749-3919
email: tania.oglesby@fhccu.com

Mr. Sheldon Christian

Branch Manager
Spanish Town Branch

Unit 13, 6 March Pen Road,
Oasis Shopping Centre,
Spanish Town
Tel: 876-749-3920-1   Fax: 876-749-3919
Old Harbour Branch
Shops 8 & 9, East Side Plaza
35 East Street,
Old Harbour
Tel: 876-745-364/6   Fax: 876-745-3200
email: sheldon.christian@fhccu.com

Mr. Aljay Cole

Acting Branch Manager
St. Thomas Branch

2 Debtors Lane, Morant Bay, St. Thomas
Tel: 876-982-1460   Fax: 876-982-1462
Email: Aljay.cole@fhccu.com

Mrs. Sharna Hutchinson Scott

Branch Manager
Mandeville Branch

2 Perth Road, Mandeville
Tel: 876-962-5211/961-8054
Fax: 876-625-8501
email: sharna.hutchinson@fhccu.com

Mr. Norman Williams

Branch Manager
May Pen Branch

Shop 5, Bargain Village Plaza, May Pen
Tel: 876-986-1614/902-4612   Fax: 876-902-8257
email: norman.williams@fhccu.com

Mrs. Marcia Bailey

Branch Manager
Montego Bay Branch

21 Union Street, Montego Bay
Tel: 876-952-3598/971-0688   Fax: 876-940-4254
email: marcia.bailey@fhccu.com

About Us


On August 1, 2012, Churches Co-operative Credit Union and GSB Co-operative Credit Union merged to form the new entity First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Limited (FHC). This decision culminated the process of discussions that began in October 2010 when the idea of the amalgamation of the two Credit Unions was born.


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