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About Us


On August 1, 2012, Churches Co-operative Credit Union and GSB Co-operative Credit Union merged to form the new entity First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Limited (FHC). This decision culminated the process of discussions that began in October 2010 when the idea of the amalgamation of the two Credit Unions was born.

With a combined heritage of over 100 years, First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Limited now stands as the largest open bond Credit Union in Jamaica. A merger of this magnitude was the first of its kind in the history of the Credit Union movement.

On March 1, 2015, the business and operations of St. Thomas Co-operative Credit Union Limited was transferred to FHC. This merger was borne out of a mutual strategic vision of expanding Agriculture/Micro and Small Business lending to assist farmers and cultivate entrepreneurship across rural Jamaica. Our Members, from the former St. Thomas branch will now have access to a suite of over forty two products and services to meet every stage of life. This merger makes St. Thomas branch the eleventh location which will facilitate the growth and expansion of Agricultural lending not only in St. Thomas, but across the country, ultimately positively impacting the industry as well as the economy.

FHC has as its bond, all civil servants, staff within Statutory Bodies and Public Corporations, their spouses and relatives, all members of any religious bodies and affiliations in Jamaica and their relatives and persons who live, work and do business in St. Thomas as well as their families. We currently serve over 200,000 members through a network of eleven locations island wide, offering a wide array of products and services. These products are specifically designed to meet the needs of our members at every stage of their lives, whether they are just starting out, or are financially savvy and investment-oriented. Our commitment remains, to generate continual benefits to our members and other stakeholders.


Born out of a spirit of co-operation between existing church-based Credit Unions at Redeemer Moravian, All Saints Anglican and Lyndhurst Methodist, Churches Co-operative Credit Union (CCCU) was established in 1971 and has been a member of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League since 1977. As the island’s second largest credit union in terms of membership, the organization offered a comprehensive range of financial services including savings and investment accounts, loans, insurance packages and a pension fund.  The Credit Union’s bond was open to all church members and their relative’s island wide, regardless of religious denomination.

Having merged with several other credit unions, its members were served through a network of four full services branches in Montego Bay, Kingston & St. Andrew, Spanish Town and Portmore along with sub-branches and micro and small business loan centres across the island.

With over 115, 000 members, the strength of the Credit Union continued to be demonstrated by overall growth in key result areas and visionary leadership that was exemplified in strategy geared towards continued growth and unwavering commitment to the well-being of its members.


On October 26, 1944, 22 members of staff of the Government Savings Bank met, to study the rules of the Co-operative Movement as a positive response to the urging of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League, with the aim of founding a Credit Union.

GSB Clerks Co-operative Credit Union was thereafter formed and registered on July 2, 1946 under the Industrial and Provident Societies Law.  GSB became the first credit union to accumulate £1,000 in deposits in Jamaica in 1950 which was a feat to be celebrated in that era. It was the first credit union in Jamaica and the Caribbean, to engage the services of the international body CUNA Mutual Insurance Society in 1950, to provide the now standard protection for members’ savings and loans.

GSB’s bond was widened to include relatives of Public Sector Workers and stood as a solid financial co-operative having acquired Metropolis Co-operative Credit Union and the Kingston & St. Andrew Credit Union in June 2003. Subsequently, GSB expanded into New Kingston locations as well in May Pen Clarendon.  On February 25, The Wealth Developments Unit at Suite 27 Winchester Business Centre, 15 Hope Road Kingston 10, was officially launched.

With over 28,000 members, the institution proved itself to be a strong and reputable financial entity indicating solid management and good financial principles.


The Credit Union movement  came to the parish of St. Thomas in 1950 and after studying amalgamation for more than one year under the guidance of then Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League (JCCUL) president Mr. Keith R. Hall, on February 1, 1973 eight (8) credit unions amalgamated to form the St. Thomas Co-operative Credit Union Limited (STCCU).  These credit unions included, Surrey Cane Farmers Co-operative Credit Union Limited, Morant Bay Co-operative Credit Union Limited, Duckenfield Co-operative Credit Union Limited, Arcadia Co-operative Credit Union Limited, Airy Castle Co-operative Credit Union Limited, Serge Island Co-operative Credit union Limited, Eastern Co-operative Credit Union limited, Good Year Co-operative Credit Union Limited.

The St. Thomas Co-operative Credit Union Limited, then went on to operate with five branches in total with the main office located at Duckenfield which were located in Morant Bay, Serge Island, Arcadia, Airy Castle and Duckenfield. The STCCU’s operations started with a share capital of Three Hundred and Twenty Three Thousand One Hundred Dollars (J$323,100.00) and a total of Two Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty One (2,461) members. 

Subsequently, in 1981 the Credit Union moved its main office to Morant Bay and later on operated from this single location. With a membership of over 21,000, the STCCU institution proved itself as a financial entity in pursuit of helping its members especially in the growth of micro lending in agricultural management and principles.

Our combined history gives us an undeniable rich heritage with a proven track record of achievements. We remain committed to helping our members achieve their goals and objectives at every stage of life.

About Us


On August 1, 2012, Churches Co-operative Credit Union and GSB Co-operative Credit Union merged to form the new entity First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Limited (FHC). This decision culminated the process of discussions that began in October 2010 when the idea of the amalgamation of the two Credit Unions was born.


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