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The objective of the FHC Foundation is to promote the development of the Jamaican youth in the areas of Education, Sports and Skills Training. Special emphasis will be placed on the improvement of literacy at the Primary and Secondary level.

We recognize the achievement of our youth savers, by awarding our PEP recipients a scholarship to assist them from 1st form up to 5th form. The objective of the scholarship aims to fulfill our mandate of giving back to our members, to encourage children to strive for excellence in academic performance and to promote a thrifty savings habit amongst young Jamaicans.

Eligibility/Qualifications: Must be a Youth Saver at FHC Credit Union for at least six (6) months. Saving account must be active and must submit PEP transcript with a minimum “B” average along with completed PEP application form.
Where tenable: At any high school in Jamaica
Organization Awarding Scholarship: First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Limited
Organization e-mail: info@fhccu.com
Deadline for applications: July 28, 2023


Scholarship Award Ceremony 2022


FHC Credit Union through its Foundation offers the prestigious Renald Mason & Oswald Thorbourne Scholarships to Members and children of Members entering 2nd to final year at a tertiary institution. The FHC Foundation try to meet the expense of financial challenged students who are in good standing academically but is having trouble paying their school fees. These students are sometimes well-rounded students involved in their schools and communities.

Applicants are required to have a minimum "B" average and who are financially challenged. The Foundation opens the application in the month of May each year.

Interested persons are required to submit the following documents for both awards:


Specialist Area of Study: Business Management/Administration
Eligibility/Qualifications: Must be an active member of FHC for at least six (6) months. University student entering 2nd to final year in Business Administration/Management with at least a “B” average. Must have been involved in community projects or exemplified leadership skills in clubs, associations or any other civic institution. Two (2) written references must be submitted to verify applicant’s involvement in projects. Applicant must
not be the recipient of any other current scholarships. Must demonstrate financial need and submission of transcripts.
Where tenable: NCU, UWI, UTECH and UCC
Deadline for applications: July 28, 2023



Specialist Area of Study: Any Degree
Eligibility/Qualifications: Applicant must be an active Member or the child of a Member of
FHC for at least six (6) months, university students entering 2nd to Final year at any
recognized tertiary institution, must demonstrate community volunteerism, must maintain a
GPA of 3.50, two (2) written references must be submitted to verify applicant’s involvement
in projects, must not be the recipient of any other current scholarships, must demonstrate
financial need and submission of transcripts.
Deadline for applications: July 28, 2023

Note: Transcripts should be submitted to outline GPA



The FHC Foundation is committed to its cause and from time to time we see students who do not meet the required qualification to obtain a scholarship. Therefore, the Foundation through its vision statement “to transform lives through the creation of opportunities for the youth of Jamaica” we offer the Special Education Grant to the most needed applicant with financial challenges.


The FHC Group through its Foundation provides an Entrepreneurs’ Award which is to encourage entrepreneurship among our young generation. Each grant is valued at $500,000.00.

Generally, any business plan requiring start-up capital above $500,000 will not be considered. However, if the business is deemed to be feasible, the plan may be considered and the beneficiary would be introduced to additional financing after the approved business has started. This is in addition to other loans that would be available to each awardee as a member of the Credit Union. Top-achieving students from all faculties of recognized tertiary institutions annd persons between the ages of 18-35 are eligible to apply for the awards.


  • Final Year University Students who have maintained at least a “B” average at the end of their study, and who intend to start a business within 6 months after graduation.
  • Business owners of a start up business who are between the ages of 18-35. Business must be registered within 6 months of receiving award.
  • Must submit a comprehensive Business Plan for the Small Business enterprise.
  • Must become a member of FHC upon receiving award.

The Plans that are judged to be the top three and most feasible, will each receive the sum of $500,000.00 for use as start-up capital.


About Us


On August 1, 2012, Churches Co-operative Credit Union and GSB Co-operative Credit Union merged to form the new entity First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Limited (FHC). This decision culminated the process of discussions that began in October 2010 when the idea of the amalgamation of the two Credit Unions was born.


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